The Best Christmas Jumpers


Something I've learnt to love in recent years is Christmas Jumpers. Usually tacky and a bit cheap loving, however now the high street has taken them over and they are more tasteful and just anything thats warm in winter is great all round!

Starting off not too bright and crazy, this winter scene is really pretty and would look great under a black or denim coat. As it's not an all over pattern, it's not tacky in the slightest.

If you liked the song over the summer, this jumper is for you! It comes in different colours however I love this dark green, as it's not as bright and the slogan stands out a little more.

This design is really nice as it's not in your face and the pale colours show festive but not bright and overbearing like some jumpers can be. I really like the detail and the white makes it look like snowfall.

Perfect for those who aren't into the big bright santa or penguins all over jumpers, this is great because the black makes it not too noticable and it would look great with jeans and a big scarf.

This santa jumper is adorable and the extra fur along the bottom really adds something extra to the whole design. 

Perfect for a gift, this jumper has a completely fun and different take on the usual Christmas Jumper. The tree is a felt material and you can stick the decorations on yourself! So you can add them all or just add a few - it's completely up to you!

Probably my favourite of the bunch is this fluffy reindeer jumper. I really love the colour and I love things that are quite textured and the fluffier = the more likely I'll get it. 

Whats your favourite Christmas jumper?

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