My Picks: Christmas Party Dresses


A big thing I love around this time of year is the amount of times you get to dress up and dance the night away. There's work parties, New Years eve, Christmas eve and for me my boyfriend's birthday aswell. With that in mind, I always like to buy a new dress this time of year (or two) that can be dressed up and worn around this time of year. Here are my picks of my favourite dresses I've found while hunting the internet. Also apologies because I'm just in love with this deep plunge trend so they feature a lot!

An online exclusive by Topshop, this dress will make you stand out as not many people will see this if they only go in the shops! I love the pattern on this dress, and the colour of the material underneath the net. It would look great with a dark lip and leather jacket, and you could wear boots with it to keep it edgy.

I love dresses like these as they can be dressed up or down completely. For example, to keep warm you could wear a long sleeved top underneath, or you could keep it like this and add any accessory you want! 

One of my favourite picks, as the colour is different to the usual black so it makes you stand out, and it looks quite angelic! I love this as it's a little more casual and you could wear it on Christmas day (although being careful not to get Cranberry sauce down it) and it's quite formal aswell.

Maybe a little more work party appropriate, this dress is very formal yet still quite sexy. I like the peplum detail and the gold bar around the plunge, however I wouldn't suit this dress as I'm so short! 

One of my favourites, I absolutely love the pattern and it would also work for a work party of a new years eve night out. I think it's so sexy and the pattern isn't too crazy that it distracts you from the plunge. I really want this!

Saving my favourite and the cheapest for last (wow I actually like the cheapest one for once!) This dress screams nights out around this time of year. I think it's gorgeous and although very glitsy, the actual shape is still quite simple and you could work a gorgeous glittery smokey eye with this dress to add to the glitter.

What do you think of these dresses? Any favourites?

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