Christmas Gift Guide: For Him


Following on from yesterday's gift guide for her, today is for the man. I find men quite difficult to buy for because you see a lot of shops just with silly books and things that aren't very useful, or just you'll look at once and then won't use again. I've tried to come up with ideas that may actually be useful or just nice for the man in your life.

In this book Russell Brand discusses the idea of a revolution in a fun and unique way. I know most men really like Russell Brand and from reading his Booky Wooky his writing is fun and definitely makes you want to read on.

I think these colours on this scarf are great for winter, and would look great with a black or brown coat as they aren't too bright like a red might be. Keeping you warm, looking good and adds a little more style to your outdoor wear.

If your man is moving into somewhere new or you've noticed your place needs a little something for the walls - this is a brilliant idea and can be personalised, which makes it extra special. You can choose your size and frame and the only work needed is to work out what lyrics you'd choose!

I really like this jumper as it's understated and not too festive - which is perfect for most men who like my boyfriend, would not appreciate a big, bright, bobbly jumper for Christmas day. The pattern of the stag is gorgeous and it looks so warm and cosy!

Gorgeous packaging, a great scent and plus you could get yourself the female scent to match! It's an 'oriental' scent with grapefruit, cedar wood, orange blossom and ginger to name a few.

Absolutely perfect for a weekend away, this holdall bag looks like it could fit everything in. It's a really nice colour, plus has an extra padding around the handle so won't hurt when you are carrying it around. Perfect for adventures together!

For the music lover, these frames perfectly fit a vinyl album so you can put your man's favourite inside for display. This would be perfect for a home office, or maybe if your guy has a guitar in the corner, putting this above it would give it that extra touch of homeliness.

This would look great in a bedroom, the colours look really bright and cool and if your man likes comics or the marvel movies. I'd buy some vintage comics to go along with this, just to go along with the vintage look of the print.

These gloves look so warm and perfect for keeping fingers cosy for a long Boxing day walk. The fur inside makes it soft and the leather on the outside makes it look sleek and sophisticated.

This jacket is gorgeous and I love the colour, it's slightly different to usual leather jackets. I really like the collar and it would keep anyone warm along with the gloves and scarf from before. 

Searching for these items has definitely helped to give me inspiration for family, and I hope they have given you some ideas aswell. 

Which item do you think would best suit the man in your life?

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