Christmas Gift Guide: Under £15


Stocking fillers are sometimes the most fun gifts to buy for, you don't need them for one person but these ideas are more for friends, a secret santa or just someone you didn't realise got you a present and you feel bad!

This hot water bottle is so cute, plus it looks quite small so would be great for on the go if you get the bus to work! There are loads of patterns on offer so if you don't fancy owls, there are plenty to spare.

Socks are always a safe option and these are so cute! Perfect for when you are lounging around, in a onesie and sliding all over the floors in these beauties!

Perfect for maybe a teen - this choker necklace is a great gift as they seem to be keep coming in and out of fashion! It's a small gift but they look great for a grungy look.

A great gift if someone looks to travel, or anyone planning on going on a gap year! This is a fun gift and it's kind of educational too! ;)

These are very fun and match the festive season! I actually love brussel sprouts but know the majority of people seem to hate them...but when they are chocolate centred it might be a different story!

This diary is a great gift because it's useful and lasts 5 years! You basically write a line/answer a question a day for 5 years and then can look back on what you wrote and how you felt.

A great idea for all girls, tangle teezers are kind to hair, perfect for handbags and this special gold coloured one adds a little more glamour to the usual ones!

Perfect for a friend, this chain will be great in a uni bedroom! You can add the photos yourself and even get some extra spare so your friends can mix it up!

A calendar is a great gift for a secret santa, and I really like one in the house just to write notes on and such. All you really need to know is a TV show or celebrity they like, for example I've used this game of thrones one, and you can even maybe add in dates such as when the next season starts!

Great for a couple who have moved in somewhere new this year, this mr and mrs mugs is two presents in one. Maybe it's for a family member but you aren't sure what to get, this idea is cute and useful at the same time!

Whats your go-to stocking filler present?

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