Skin Prep for Sweet Treats and Nights Out


Your skin can take some heavy weather this time of year, going in from cold nights out to warm pubs, the heat from a fire, plus a box of Quality Street might not help either. I've got some tips for you to help prep your skin for a night out or chocolate eating night in.

First things first, and this should really start a few days before is drinking water. Water helps your skin from the inside and within a few days can be very noticeable. It really does help and it's always best to get a bit of detox going before you indulge.

Another thing I like to do before a night out is to get everything shaved. Some days (cough until my boyfriend stops cuddling my cactus legs) I go without shaving as it's cold weather and we need that extra thermal layer, however before a night out I grab my shaver and go to town. My top tips for shaving is a) use a man's razor to reduce cuts as it's meant to be used on the face, so it's more sensitive and I've also noticed a closer cut and b) use conditioner on the hair before shaving, as it softens them and is cheaper than buying shaving gel.

I have dry skin so anything I put on my skin soaks up, but one thing I've sampled that really felt great was the Origins intensive overnight mask (£23) It's great for dry skin, and didn't break me out which was good. Although it's totally up to you if you want to try new products, or go with your old favourites just incase of break outs. As this product is only a once a week type thing, I don't mind paying that much for it either as it lasts ages.

The night before I would also put more care into my evening routine, firstly really getting all the make up off but also softening the skin. Something I use while I sleep is the serum in oil (£13) from the Body Shop. My skin always looks better after I use this and I tend to save it for if I've been crying or stressed out and know I won't get the sleep I need. 

I also get quite sensitive eyes and when you are planning a smokey eye, thats the last thing you need. I like a roll on eye ball that I keep in the fridge and use when my eyes feel itchy. You could use anything like an eye cream, or even a cold spoon. 

Putting all of these tips in place will really help save your skin before a night out and make it look the best.

Whats your tips before a big night?

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