Christmas Party Look Tutorial #1


Christmas is a great time for parties and experimenting with different looks, as there are so many parties to go too! I've come with a few looks that would be great inspiration for different looks, wether it's a work night, new years eve or just a meet up with friends. I'd just like to mention that I'm not a professional make up artist and so even though it's a bit of a tutorial, it's completely up to you what you use.

First, start out with your eye! I've primed mine with my Urban Decay primer potion, and leave it to get a bit tacky while I do like my concealer or eyebrows. I also do my foundation first and haven't included what I've used, but I'll do a product list at the end. It's totally up to you what you use as it's your skin.

Next I use the urban decay smoked palette on my eyes (Can you tell urban decay is my favourite brand yet?) It's a really great palette if you like dressing up, as it's got some high pigmented shimmery colours with just everything you need for a gorgeous smokey eye. I'd highly recommend this!

After priming my eyes I use the shade 'Freestyle' all over my crease. It's an orange-neutral shade (think Make up geek's peach smoothie) and I like adding this in my crease first as it makes the other colours blend better, and isn't too harsh compared to a pure brown in my crease.

I also put a little bit of freestyle under my lower lashline aswell. Next I use the brown shade called 'back door' (heh) onto a clean blending brush and adding a little bit to my brush, I sort of stipple it onto my outer V, so that way I'm not adding it all to one place. I then take the brush that had freestyle on and blend it together and underneath the lash line. I was going for more of a day look but just add as much as you feel comfortable with.

Lastly, this step is more up to you but I can't live without my wing so added a small one. You could add some black along the lash line so it's not noticeable or do a huge wing. I also tightlined with a black eyeliner and some mascara, you could go for lashes too but I don't use lashes.

I then finished the look by adding some blush, finishing off my brows and adding Kate's Rimmel 107 on the lips to complete the look and draw some more attention to the whole look. I think this look would be great for more of a bar hopping night out as it's quite wearable, and you could even do it in the morning for work and set it with the all nighter from urban decay. 

What do you think of this look?

*I promise this post isn't sponsored by Urban Decay, I'm just a huge fan of their products!

Other Products used:
Foundation - MAC studio fix NW10
Concealer - Revlon colourstay and Collection, both in palest shades
Blush - Pomegranate by Sleek
Brows - BrowDrama by Maybelline

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