Wrapping for those who cannot wrap


Some of us around this time of year use brown paper, with thinner red paper around the other way, ribbons and bows galore...and then there's me. Don't get me wrong, I try really hard...like really hard. I have visions of using music sheets to wrap things, being all cute with my frills and making a mug seem like it's in a box, but my fingers can't co-ordinate with my brain like that and it just ends up terrible. Here are some things I do to try and attempt being a good wrapper.

1. Buy the cute stuff
So as you can see my wrapping paper of choice this year is stags on brown paper (as I have a stag theme going in my Christmas cards which you can see here), little robins that look like finger prints and the most adorable brussell sprouts with little faces and hats on. You can find them all on paperchase. I basically think, the busier or distracting the wrapping paper, the less likely people will think 'how has she managed to make a DVD look like a football'.

2. Curly ribbon everywhere
Another tip is to have ribbon spare. If you've really messed up, ribbon distracts the eye and also the thicker the ribbon, the thicker the cover up. If you're feeling adventurous, get some bows aswell and use scissors to curl the ends of the ribbon (be careful not to cut the ribbon though).

3. If in doubt, bag it.
Wine bottles were invented for a reason, because even the queens of pinterest home decor can't wrap it well. I use this technique with anything awkward. Mugs, vases, jars e.t.c. It's quite, simple and most people keep the bags to reuse so you are helping the environment too.

Are you a good wrapper? Any tips?

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