My top 5 favourite Christmas movies


If there's one thing that gets me in the Christmas mood, it's cuddling up on the sofa, fire on, pj's on and a good Christmas film. I don't care if it's cheesy or over the top, a Christmas film should be all of those rolled into one. Here are my top 5 that I love watching over Christmas (in no particular order):

The Muppets Christmas Carol
If there's one thing the Muppets does well, it's telling an old story and making it fun, exciting and watchable every year. The Muppets Christmas carol tells the tale of Scrooge, with Gonzo as the narrator. This movie made me fall in love with Gonzo, he's so funny alongside Rizzo! Including catchy songs, jokes galore and a good moral, this movie is definitely one for all the family.

Gremlins 1 and 2
Even though I think I prefer the 2nd, Gremlins is a movie I'll watch anytime of year. I absolutely love it, Gizmo is the cutest little thing you'll ever see and although strangely dark when you watch it again as an adult, it's one I remember watching throughout my childhood a lot with my dad. It has moments of comedy, sadness and has aged well since it's 1984 release.

The Holiday
One for the romantics, The Holiday has a plot that'll make you super jealous. Swapping LA for the UK, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet swap homes for two weeks, and although the UK is snowy, freezing and glum she accidentally bumps into Jude Law one night and well...the rest is just so watchable. A really cute film and I really love Kate Winslet in this movie.

Love Actually
Probably my favourite British film to watch at Christmas, Love Actually stars so many people, and has so many little stories going on that it's so much fun to watch. Hilarious, adorable and soppy, you'll be falling in love with not just Hugh Grant and Colin Firth at this one. The ultimate Christmas rom-com!

I think if I absolutely had to pick my favourite Christmas film, it's definitely Elf. Will Ferrell plays it perfectly and is bubbly and energetic all the way through. Full of quotable lines and a bit of physical comedy too, Elf is perfect for adults aswell as kids. It's so easy to watch this film again and again!

What's your favourite Christmas film?

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