Boxing Day + January Sale Round Up


I'd first off like to say I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I really enjoyed myself and got some great gifts. However, today I'm in work which is a little sad as I want to relax even more, but the sales have started. 

It's a little crazy that some sales started on Christmas day, however most run into the third week of January and there are definitely a lot to go though! I've had a quick look but only really want to get a few things as I want to save a bit. Here are some picks that I'll definitely be taking a look at though: 

40% off selected items, mainly bath/shower products with some make up items thrown in. 

One that I am definitely checking out. up to 50% off certain items and 15% off fragrance. You can grab some great bargains if you need to stock up on products, I am getting myself some real technique goodies! 

This sale started about a week ago but it's still going strong. Up to 50% off. If you need a jumper or jeans this is great, they have great items and I always have a click through in January.

Up to 50% off certain items - starts today however I've read that some items might go up to 70% off later in January, but it's up to you if you want to wait as you might miss out on what you really want!

A great one for me to look through as I don't have a Selfridges near me, you can grab some gorgeous items with up to 50% off. 

Please remember that January is an expensive month though so don't go crazy, get what you have had your eye on and may not have got over Christmas. If you buy everything then in the long run you aren't saving that much at all if you don't really need it!

Have you got your eye on anything in the sales?

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