Christmas Gift Guide: For Her


December is an emotional month. It's full of worrying about money, stressing about out of stock items but there is also so much joy and good feelings about finding presents that'll be perfect for someone. I've been searching various websites to find 10 items for her, for him and stocking fillers for those you aren't too sure what you should get for someone! Look out for those posts tomorrow, but for now, here is my 10 finds for her; wether its your mum, partner or grandmother!
Perfect for when someone's asked for make up but you aren't sure where to begin, this gift set has everything to get you ready for a night out from eyes to lips to nails. Plus, it's all neatly presented in a bag so it's half the work done!

I know I need some organisation in my life, and this drawer unit is perfect for storing things such as jewellery and nail polishes. With a range of colours and patterns, you'll have to make sure it's not clashing in the colour scheme but it'd be lovely against a white wall.

This is perfect for travelling, and includes everything you'd probably forget, but when you are away and get a pesky broken nail, you'll be glad you've got this kit. Lined with a gorgeous hot pink inside a black flowered case, this would be perfect if the woman in your life likes to keep her nails in tact (maybe just add a hand cream too!)

One of my favourite finds along the hunt for these posts, and I think I might ask for it myself! A MAC brush kit and the price is amazing, considering usually just one brush can range from £20! Plus, a girl can never have too many brushes (because hey, more to use before needing to wash them) This comes in other styles aswell so I'd have a look, but I like the black one as it matches the usual MAC style.

On my wishlist is this gorgeous rose gold watch. I absolutely adore rose gold and think it looks so classy, and yet a little more understated than normal gold. I love the face, but would want to see it on person compared to my skin tone. If this suits, I'd definitely be wearing it everyday.

Perfect for those times you don't need a massive bag, this'll fit credit cards, your phone and some cash. I love the orange in this colour against the beiges, but also it's the most daytime one I've found, however would also work for a night out. Just double check that the phone will definitely fit before buying this!

Sometimes the perfect gift can be one that makes memories instead of just a one day thing. This experience is one of many on the websites, and it's sounds amazing! I'd love to give it a try and the thing is it's a gift for yourself aswell, so you can enjoy it together. For an extra special touch, I'd buy a couple of disposable cameras to open on the day, to use on the experience and print off so it feels more special.

Dita Von Teese is one of my female role models, constantly being gorgeous in her work but also her designs are so pretty. This red set is absolutely gorgeous and the red matches the festive season! You can also buy each item separately but matching underwear makes for an extra special Christmas.

Slight co-ordination with the male jumper in the gift guide for him, I absolutely love stags and this jumper is perfect for Christmas day. It's a little more festive than other jumpers can be, but for me, the woolier and more festive, the happier.

A little different - and perfect for new year! Crepes are a wonderful breakfast experience and while it might take some practise, this gift is wonderful for those who like cooking but mainly at dinner time, this crepe maker will make you crave crepes every weekend!

If I got any of these gifts I'd be a very happy girl, and I hope it's given you some inspiration if not the perfect item to find for the women in your life!

What's on your wishlist?

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