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Over the past year I have really grown with blogging and have read a lot more about the inside factors that helps a blog grow. Of course, I write because I enjoy writing however I also really want to improve, so I have been photographing more, scheduling posts more and just thinking of better ideas (blogmas for one). Here are a few resolutions I really want to keep up with my blog in the next year.

Keep to schedule
Something I'm bad at if work and life gets too hectic, my blog loses posts. I really enjoy writing but sometimes the afternoon planned to take photos doesn't really work and it's difficult to get into a routine when you feel like shit. I hope this year to keep to my 3 posts a week, and hopefully plan more if possible.

Get outside
Something I really love when looking at other blogs is when they are outside and do a quick fashion post. This has been something I've always wanted but is difficult because a) it's difficult to do on your own and b) I look and feel like crap most of the time. Something I really want to do is grab my boyfriend at the weekend and get a few photos done. It will help with my confidence but also might be easier in the new year when I am staying at my boyfriends more.

Increase quality
Something I am always about is quality not quantity. I often lack in my posts because if the lighting is crap, I'll think no one will like it and no one will care. Next year I hope to care more about the quality of my posts, from photographing in good lighting to just writing better. I hope with a proper schedule I'll be able to keep this up.

Different Posts
Instead of all reviews, from film to fashion I am hoping to venture out and do different things, and blog about them! Some things I have in mind already are few series on my depression, and how I cope and what I do to make myself feel better. This is so important to me because I don't want others falling into the trap that I fell into. I also want to do fitness posts, and even some cooking posts aswell.

With all these in mind I hope I can stick to these throughout the year to help my blog become better, and hope you enjoy it just the same if not more. Thank you for reading my blog this year, I really do appreciate it and love knowing that people care about me and my writings. Thank you.

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