Christmas Look #3


Carrying on from my last two looks, here and here I thought I'd share a third as I am really enjoying doing these and want to carry on with them in the future. Today's look is more pink and it's using the Naked 3 palette. I love the Naked 3 palette as the pink tones are gorgeous and really add something extra to the palette that the others don't have. Here is my tutorial!

Firstly I primed my eye lid and did my brows while I let that set. Then I used mixed a little bit of 'Nooner' and 'Mugshot' into the crease and blended out. I really like these colours together as it makes mugshot less glittery and I didn't want glitter everywhere. Just blend, blend, blend...

I then added buzz all over the crease. You can't really see it much here, so after this I went back in and pressed the shadow onto the eye instead of 'wiping' it so it added more colour. Buzz is a gorgeous shimmery pink and it reminds me of a prom sort of colour. It's very buildable too as you can see, you can either have just a wash or more impact if you prefer.

To brighten the eye a little I mixed the shades Strange and Dust together. Strange is a very light, matte white shade and dust is a very light shimmery pink. Together they look really nice and would suit a cut crease. I used a small brush for this to add it in the corner where I wanted it as if I go in with my finger it ends up halfway under my lashes aswell.

To add extra definition and to complete the whole look, I added the shade darkside into the outer V, and mixed it with buzz under the lashline. I love darkside as it's not as dark as it looks in the palette, but when blended can create a really soft look while still adding definition.

I then tightlined my upper lashline and added some wings. I really need to get some false lashes to fully complete looks, but I really love this look as it's very feminine yet you can really build on the browns to define the look more if wanted.

For my lips I used Revlon's lipstick in Mauve it over, with MAC's Ecetera liner on top and topped it off with Urban Decay's NAKED lipgloss in Walk of Shame. I reallyyyyy love this lip combo and I think it might start to become a daily lip look! 

What do you think of this look?

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