My Red Lipstick Collection + Mini Reviews


A major part of my lipstick collection is reds. I feel glamorous, pretty and just fierce when I where a red lip so naturally I've got quite a few. I have most of them here, one of my favourites (Revlon Really Red) isn't as I lost it but as for that, here is a mini review of each of them.

Unfortunately with winter light I couldn't get swatches in day time, however here are a quick swatch. My favourite type of lipstick is matte, so most of them are matte but I also suit a blue toned red more than orange toned. 

Revlon Colourburst - "Fire"
Detail: A glossy red that applies with a dofer applicator.
Pros: Packed with pigment, good if you like gloss.
Con: A little messy and doesn't last very long on the lips.

MUA Lip liner - "Red Drama"
Detail: A very affordable red lip liner.
Pro: Comes with a sharpener in the lid, nice colour
Con: Very creamy formula so doesn't last as long as other lip liners.

Maybelline coloursensational lipstick - "Hollywood Red"
Detail: A slightly matte formula, more daytime than night.
Pro: Unusual colour, not quite full on red so it's perfect for those getting used to wearing bright colours
Con: None really - a great lipstick but might not suit everyone if you want a proper red.

NARS Lipstick - "Cruella" 
Detail: Practically famous for being a great matte lipstick
Pro: Easy to apply on the go, lasts ages, a great red colour
Con: More expensive, sometimes the lid 'pops' as if to come off.

Revlon lip butter - "Wild Watermelon" 
Detail: A sheer, moisturising red lip butter.
Pro: Daytime appropriate, good for beginners in red, moisturising
Con: Doesn't last long, quite sheer

Revlon lip butter - "Candy Apple"
Detail: A moisturising lip butter.
Pro: good for beginners, moisturising, good in a rush
Con: Pretty much exactly the same as Wild Watermelon, if you have one you do not need the other.

Revlon lipstick - "Cherry Blossom"
Detail: A glossy, true red lipstick.
Pro: Gorgeous colour, creamy application
Con: Doesn't last a long time, can be patchy if you don't blot.

MAC lipstick - "Ruby Woo"
Detail: A classic red colour from MAC
Pro: Matte, lasts ages, gorgeous true red colour, classic name
Con: A little more expensive, VERY drying, sometimes it feels you are more dragging on the lips so not good if you have chapped or dry lips.

L'oreal collection exclusive - "Julianne's Red"
Detail: A very wearable daytime red, great for pale skin.
Pro: Unusual colour, matte, lasts a decent amount of time, creamy formula
Con: Might not suit everyone

MAC Lip liner - "High Energy"
Detail: A matte lip liner
Pro: Great on it's own, more matte than MUA so lasts longer
Con: Quite expensive, you could really just get "ozone" by Urban Decay which is clear and use it with many lipsticks.

Rimmel Kate Moss - "107"
Detail: Famous in the bloggersphere for being a great berry colour.
Pro: Creamy yet matte, berry so great in A/W, very affordable
Con: Sometimes patchy when applied and not blotted

Topshop velvet lips - "Velveteen Ribbon"
Detail: A velvet lip formula that dries to more of a matte
Pro: Nice colour
Con: I don't like this, very messy to apply, strange feeling on lips, doesn't last long.

And there are all my mini reviews! If you'd like any in more detail, leave a comment and I'll happily do it with swatches aswell.

What do you think of these lipsticks?

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