Top 5 Christmas Shopping Tips


As much as I love finding the perfect present for someone, I don't really like Christmas shopping. After a while the bags are straining on your fingers, you're hot and bothered but still in your winter coat and you've probably spent a quarter of the day in a queue. However! I've come up with some tips that will help you save money and hopefully get you in and out of the shops quick!

1. Cashback
Researching into cashback websites and signing up to a couple can be a huge help when shopping, as you can hopefully get some extra money for a couple more presents. However, don't count on it to get you the best deal, sometimes just because you get cashback doesn't mean it's the cheapest offer - and have a read of the terms and conditions before signing up. Here is some more information about it if you are interested.

2. Look closer to home
Sometimes the biggest stores can be busy and more stressful than normal. Taking a look down some of the smaller streets can often be more fun than the mall, and you can find smaller boutique shops with thoughtful, quirky presents that might go down a lot better on Christmas day - plus you might have to answer where you got it from giving the smaller stores the extra help!

3. Groupon and discount codes
Groupon can be really helpful this time of year for finding extra little gifts and experiences like a spa time that will make someone's day. A massive tip aswell is to research online before you go. I mentioned this in my Christmas budget tips but if you are planning on going to a certain shop, google it first and see if there are any vouchers or discount codes that you can print off and use in store - many places do them if you search before hand!

4. Make Lists
To get the most efficient shopping trip, the best idea is to write lists first. Write who you are getting for, and what you are getting - or if you really can't think of anything write down a budget that you can't go over for that person. Sometimes you'll get mix and match on stocking filler presents that make great gifts for friends. Use these to your advantage! If you are planning to do it all in one day - take the whole list with you or if you have a few days - plan it out so friends one day, family the next. 

5. Do it alone
Although other people can help you carry items, they may also lead you into shops you hadn't planned on going in and you will probably get sidetracked! Shop alone, get in and out quick! Stop for lunch to keep yourself energised, and even put some music on and block out everyone else!

What's your go to plan for Christmas shopping?

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