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I really like this time of year for freebies. It's so nice that the make up brands are putting together little gifts for you (when you spend money of course) and some of them are actually really worth while. I've picked the one's I've found when browsing the boots website for presents, and see if they are really worth it or not.

Free Sleek lipgloss when you buy 2 or more products
Honestly I've heard quite bad things about these matte me lipgloss'. For one, you can't have matte and gloss in the same product name! It's confusing and is it matte? is it glossy? For me I'd give this a miss, as much as I do like sleek it's not worth it for the free product.

L'oreal So Couture gift set when you spend £14.99 or more on L'oreal make up
L'oreal did something like this last year and I really liked it. This is a great deal as you get a mascara (which is usually about £10 itself), lipstick, nail polish and a eye pencil (can't see exactly what it is). Considering how sometimes expensive L'oreal can be, you don't need to spend a lot to get this package.

Bourjois timeless elegance kit when you spend £15 or more
Again, Bourjois jumped on this train last year and had a very similar set they sold last year. I definitely remember the eye shadows being the same! Either way, you get a nail polish, 3 set eye shadows, mascara and lipstick. I really like how they've included a nude lipstick and nude nail polish, as sometimes a bright colour doesn't match everyones skin tone. It's ideal for a night out!

Winter mini set when you buy 2 or more ESSIE products.
Unfortunately these are mini nail polishes, but when really has anyone used up a whole nail polish?! This is great for either a gift to someone or a gift to yourself. The colours are great for a night out and very wintery.

There are other great deals at the minute however these are my favourites (and one to watch out for incase it's not worth it). Have you picked any of these up?

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