The Empty Product: Nivea pure & natural soothing day cream


My first empty product since starting this blog. Well, that I haven't forgotten to take pictures and review before throwing away (oops!) I've decided than if, and when I finish a product, instead of saving them I will only review each once at at time, as lets face it, I don't have the space to keep jars and bottles until I've got enough to do a big post about it.

Anyway, I have completely finished up the Nivea pure and natural soothing day cream (£5.35) recently. I bought this product months ago, and have slowly been using it almost everyday as a moisturiser. It is a very nice product, and has definitely made my skin feel more healthy and moisturised over the winter months.

It contains 95% natural ingredients, such as chamomile and argan oil. I have sensitive, dry skin and did not break out from this product, however if I did get a spot, it didn't do that much to help it (I wasn't expecting it too). I cannot speak for the scent as I have no sense of smell, however from looking at other reviews on makeupalley there is a scent. 

Overall, I did like this product and would repurchase this again, however I am currently trying different moisturisers to see what works better and that does more than just moisturise my skin. Yet, for the price it's definitely a good moisturiser.

Have you tried this product before? What did you think?

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  1. I have never tried this but love other Nivea products I have used so might just have to give this a try <3

  2. Haven't tried it yet, some of their products have a strong perfumed scent so I am always hesitant to pick up everyday staples from the line, such as a moisturizer :) Good review though, I agree it sucks to keep your empty bottles all piled somewhere!

    Jenna ♥ ♥
    Northern Beauty

  3. Like I said, I have no sense of smell but there are some reviews that said it does have a scent, either way it didn't break me out which sometimes happens with fragrant skincare!


  4. I've never tried this befoe but it does sound lovely!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  5. I love Nivea products, afforable and they do the job pretty well :)

    Melane | Oh Sweet Remedy

  6. Im not good with creams, but I might give it a try!Ive heard so many great things about this one
    btw I have a fashion blog! Would love if you could check it out!

  7. Nice Post !
    Kisses my sweetie <3

  8. You did a great job of using this cream up! I like Nivea products and had never heard of this one. Thanks for sharing :)


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