6 Homemade Gift Ideas


Homemade gifts are great because they are always unique, sometimes show extra care and thought and bought and made in bulk, can also turn out a lot cheaper than individual presents. Here to save some extra money this year, here are a few gifts that you can give to people and it looks like it took a load of effort!

A great gift for a family member you know is into baths and skincare, this gingerbread scrub smells like Christmas, is full of natural ingredients and it's probably all in your cupboards at home! 

I love when Vivianna Does Makeup does baking videos as they all look delicious and easy to make. I've made the lemon drizzle cake before and it was wonderful and there was loads to go around, so why not spend an afternoon and create a few batches! It's a perfect idea for neighbours or an office party.

This is a really cute idea and is something that could look expensive or bought online. It's a nice idea for a family or couple just moved into somewhere new, and you could create quite a few so they could put it in different places.

You see these all over pinterest and they look interesting to make, quite easy but also you can change the scent for different people, get really Christmassy scents or more spring fresh scents for spring and summer.

I actually did this for my boyfriends birthday last year and he really loved it. It did take some time to create as it's quite small to work on, but you can really decorate it to be as snazzy or understated as you like.

Perfect for long distance relationships and those on a budget, I've made this for my boyfriend for valentine's day and he absolutely loved them. You basically make a small package in each envelope, with a letter and whatever else you want. For example, I did one for when you are sick and it included some lemsip, paracetamol and a tissue. Another I did was for when you are bored which included a crossword puzzle about us, a word search and some rude dot to dots! ;)

These are just some ideas but there are loads out there, especially if you are arty or nifty with a sewing machine! 

Are you a fan of homemade gifts?

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