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It's the film everyone has been talking about. The film that needs to be seen in 3D, and is a complete experience. Overall, Gravity is an amazing film. It's gorgeous, to the point where you can't tell what is CGI and you believe it's actually filmed in space. The visual effects are stunning, and if it doesn't win any if not all the awards for visuals then I give up.

The director knows exactly how to immerse the audience into the film. From the very opening shot, a stunning, gorgeous shot the film captivates you and makes you feel like a character in the film. The contrasts between the music and loud opening to the sheer silence of space is incredible. The 3D is perfect and better than any film in 3D I've seen, mainly because the camera is constantly moving, spinning around and following characters, you really do feel like you are in space and I have to say probably a little bit motion sick at times. 

I'm not going to explain the storyline, because you've probably heard a lot about it. The only bad points I have about this movie, and I have to be picky here because there's so little wrong with it is the dialogue, which at points is cheesy. Also, the casting. Most people were shocked about Sandra Bullock, however I think she plays the part really well. However I don't think George Clooney was needed. You could have had unknown actors playing everyone else apart from Dr. Ryan Stone. George Clooney felt more of a 'who would you want to be in space with' rather than a genuinely needed big actor to play this character.

Overall, I would say you definitely have to go see this film. It's a reasonably short movie at just over 1hr 30minutes however in that time you will be blown away.


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  1. Cant wait to watch this film! Great post

  2. I've been thinking to watch this. Thank you so much for the review xx

  3. I want to see this film so badly! I love Sandra Bullock, so this is just an epic movie for me. Thanks for the review!

    xo Mel
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  4. I also want to see this movie!

  5. Wow, you got me really interested in this! To be honest I haven't heard much about it before, but your review touches very interesting points and makes it sound like a really good experience. I'll add this one to my must watch films for the holidays!

  6. Great post!
    I thought the visuals were incredible however it needed a more in depth story line x

  7. Need to really see this one, loving George and Sandra together :)

  8. I need to watch that movie!! So many people rave about it!

    Cathy from


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