Christmas Look #2 - Glitter Eyes


So I thought I'd do a second Christmas look as I enjoyed doing the first and you can never have too much inspiration. This look is more party than the first and involves a little shimmer, and a darker lip. Firstly, I used the NAKED palette for the whole look as I want to create easy looks that aren't in 3 different branded palettes. After priming I used the shade 'Buck' in the crease. It's a matte brown shade. 

I then used the shade 'Sidecar' all over the lid. It's a shimmery silvery/gold shade (like it's in the middle) and dabbed it on (not wiped) with a small brush so it intensified the colour better and you get less fallout. I then blended the edges with the same brush I used on the crease.

I then used a little bit of 'Sin' in the inner corner to highlight the eye. It's a gorgeous, shimmery silver and is really nice in the inner corner or all over the lid. Blend this in with Sidecar.

I then added the shade smog on the outer V and under the lashline. You can go further lower than I did, I just was going to work so didn't want to do it too crazy. Smog is a great shade, it's like a darker brown with a slight shimmer to it. I also tightlined my upper lashline and added some of my favourite mascara.

And here is my final look! I added a little blush to my cheeks and a revlon balm stain to my lips. I really like this look and for once feel comfortable doing a look without eyeliner! 

What do you think of this look? Also do you like my new hair colour?

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