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So a couple of months ago I wrote this post for a competition to get to see the new Urban Outfitters in my hometown of Leicester. I immediately entered because 1. I love Urban outfitters and have been waiting for a shop in leicester for years, and 2. I love planning outfits and ideas, and thought why not!

Well I actually won the competition, which was so exciting for me and really lifted my spirits! After being job hunting for about 6 months and on a clothing/make up no buy as I just couldn't afford it, I was so happy to win something and get a £100 gift card and some goodies, while also checking out the new shop!

I was at work for the press part in the afternoon, but popped in after work for the party and it was so cool, free drinks, a DJ and just being able to look at all the new clothes in stock! Today's post I'm going to show you the items I got in my goody bag, and then next week I'll show you what I got with my gift card (as I need my boyfriend to play photographer!)

The first three items - an issue of their newspaper/magazine, Nelly ride with my vinyl and some fake tattoos.
These are all pretty random, but I'm actually really happy with them! I had a good look through the newspaper and it's really nicely done, with some great inspiration. The Nelly vinyl was probably the most random, however I can actually use it as I own a record player, and it's a fun song to listen too! The tattoos are something I'm saving for a festival next year, as they are all pretty crazy but will fit right into the festival scene, I especially love the unicorn!

Lipcote, hair elastics, nail polish
I did also get two big scrunchies however like all my hair bobbles I put them in once and they disappear, but I'm pretty sure ones in my gym bag! I am yet to try these out, I am really interested in this lipcote, and will definitely be trying it (probably reviewing) as it could be perfect for nights out as you won't need to reapply lipstick! The nail polish is a gorgeous colour and I love how deep the purple looks, I'm going to be painting my nails very soon!

Sunglasses & Socks
I tried the sunglasses on and sadly they don't suit me at all, however I love the case and will be keeping that! I also really like these socks, I've been wanting some like this for a while which go with boots and dresses, so I'm really pleased.

Head chain
And lastly my favourite item - a golden head chain. This is like the one I picked out for the outfit, and I love it so much! I'm going to be wearing it for nights out and probably a Christmas party, It's really bohemian and the tassels aren't too in your face, it's really subtle but looks great!

What's your favourite item at the moment from Urban Outfitters?

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