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Thought I'd do something a little different in this post, as I've been busy with work a lot recently and with the nights drawing in closer each day, I don't have time most days to take photographs. It's annoying, however I am still trying to cope with keeping up 3 posts a week, and hopefully in December go to daily.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas, but now this is my 2nd Christmas I'll be blogging for, I've found something rather topical that I keep seeing on my bloglovin' feed, and I feel left out of this part of the blogging world.

Unfortunately, due to whatever reason...I don't have a sense of smell. I've never had one, and never really had it looked into as to why. Sure, it's helped me out a lot when going through fields of manure and such however there is a lot I miss out on, and during this time of year the biggest is probably Lush hauls.

You see, every other blogger is happily posting their lush hauls, describing the scents, covering their hands in the glitter and just enjoying smelling each different scent. I'm sat here, reading and wishing. The second factor in this is I also only have a shower and not a bath, so even if I could smell them all, bath bombs are pretty pointless in my life.

Sigh. Honestly I wasn't even that fussed until last Christmas when all of a sudden there were cute penguins and melting snowmen everywhere, however on my birthday I got a lush bath bomb (dragon egg if you were wondering) and had a bath before I went out in my hotel room. It was nice, and the bath bomb covered the bath and me in gold glitter and it was really fun, but honestly I'm not even a bath sort of girl. I just don't really like it.

I feel like the 1% writing this, and maybe one day when I move into a place with a bath I'll buy the most colourful and fun bath bombs in the world, but until that day you won't be seeing any lush hauls from me. I'm sorry.

Whats your favourite lush bath bomb at this time of year?

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