My favourite shades from the Naked 2 Palette!


This post is a long overdue one. I did my favourite shadows from the Naked palette a couple of months back (here) and really enjoyed doing it, said I'd carry it on but then just had newer ideas that came first. However, you are in luck because I also have one coming up next week. I guess I should also apologise for my little break from blogging but I have started a new job recently and have just been very busy getting money back in my account! But fear not - with this extra cash flow I'm making sure to put some into my blogging and get haulin' for you, and so next year's quality of posts should definitely improve.


Up until I got the Naked 3, Naked 2 was my go to favourite. The colours suited me really well, I liked how it was a little more matte than the original and I just love when a palette includes a matte black, so it made it handy for travelling too as it had an unlimited supply of looks in one case (Plus the case is much more durable than the Naked palette). That being said now, I don't reach for it as much anymore. I still love it, and after doing the photos for this post I think I will for autumn, but I think I need to mix up the shadows together a bit more. That being said, here are of my favourite shades.


1. Foxy
Foxy is a yellow-y neutral shade. It's a little darker than my skin colour, but shows up a bit more as I don't have yellow undertones. I really like this shade when I'm doing a natural eye with a bit in the crease, this goes perfect on the lid with liner over the top. I like that it's matte, and you can see it's got quite a dent in from a lot of use!

2. Bootycall
I love the name of this one, but also I love the shimmer. It's not too over powering on the shimmer, so works well for daytime but can also be built up. There isn't much fall out of glitter and I go for this when I want a natural eye but a little bit more noticeable. I also really like it in the inner corner of the eye when doing a smokey eye - it just opens up the eye really nicely.


3. Blackout
I do like more shades than just 3 - however I wanted to show you my most used and I also think I went a bit overboard last time when I basically said half the palette. However, this blackout shade is so good. It's black as black can get, is completely matte and I use this over the top of my liner a lot to completely mattify it. Sometimes I get fall out, but if you tap off the excess it doesn't happen that often. Plus I like it so much - I have a teeny tiny pan porn! Look at it! Honestly, that terrified my when I first saw it and I went to a different black shade, but kept coming back to this. It's wonderful.


Also I'd thought I'd include swatches, but they didn't really work as the pale shades just sink in to my pale skin! The black doesn't look that black here, but when applied with a brush over a small area, it's very black.

Do you have the Naked 2 palette? What are your favourite shades?

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