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On their 5th wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne returns home to find his wife, Amy Dunne missing. This starts a media frenzy into the disappearance and the more days she is missing, the more people wonder if Nick murdered his wife or not.

I was very interested in seeing this film after the trailer. It looked tense, clever and with Fincher directing, just a good film. That's exactly what this film is. It's incredibly tense at points, oddly humorous in other parts yet completely gets your attention all the way through.

Ben Affleck is great in the role and does make you wonder throughout if he killed his wife or not, however the standout is Rosamund Pike who absolutely nailed the role and killed it (no pun intended). She was captivating in each scene, and really got your attention. There were a couple of moments that made you question the film, however over all the plot was really good, and kept you interested even in the slower parts of the film which may have otherwise made it drag on too long. 

The smaller roles by Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris were also done well, with the small roles they had they made their characters interesting, even though you might think Tyler Perry is an odd casting choice. 

Overall I'd highly recommend this film if you like drama, crime and a story that gets your attention fast. It's a great way to spend your time now the weather isn't so nice, and will definitely keep you thinking for a few hours after you've seen it.


Have you seen Gone Girl? What did you think?

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