Bourjois' Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick Reviews


So recently I had a couple of hours to spare before heading to work so I went browsing around a few shops, and not too long later these two beauties were at the tills with me. In fairness, they were on a deal so were a fiver each, and I'd heard fantastic things about them from reading and watching Vivianna does makeup. 

The two shades I got were peach club (left) and Frambourjoise (right) which I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce so don't even make me try! I did want to get a red shade aswell (I think it's called hot pepper) but they only had the tester available and someone had opened and tried the sealed one. (Don't you hate how disgusting some people can be? There's a tester for a reason!) but thats another topic entirely. P.s - I know they look identical together here but promise me they aren't, it's just lighting. 

Holy moly. These lipsticks (or stains) have staying power. I wore Peach club for a date day with my boyfriend the other day, and it lasted throughout the day even though I ate, drank and kissed. It's amazing and is perfect if you like bold lips but don't like retouching or worrying about your lips. I'd say it lasted a good 5 hours that I was out for before I looked in the mirror to see if it needed a touch up.

Colourwise, frambourjoise is more of a hot pink colour where as peach club is more unusual, it's a slightly nude orangey colour, not exactly peachy but it's still quite bold. In the swatches they aren't dry, but they do dry to a matte finish.

My only downside to them is the application, it's quite hard to get a smooth application first time on your lips, plus the doefer doesn't spread it perfectly, what I did to beat this was firstly apply a thin layer, let it dry and then go over the top with a slightly thicker layer and let that dry. You can definitely just pat it into the lips if you didn't want to go full out bold, but overall I am super duper impressed and will probably be buying a couple more in the near future.

Have you tried these before? What do you think of them?

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