The perfect blush for Autumn/Winter


If there's one make up area I definitely lack - it's in the face department. I've got plenty of options for foundation, eye shadow e.t.c but I literally have about 4 blushes, and they are all pink and quite summery. For quite a while I didn't even use blush/bronzer because I have quite red skin sometimes and just felt like it accentuated it. However, I'm now past that stage and am happy to use it, but still never bought more.

I've had this blush in my collection for probably just under a year, but I have absolutely fell in love with it. It's from Sleek and called Pomegranate, and oh my gosh it's so gorgeous for fall. 

I do really like sleek products and this is a perfect size for travelling and taking anywhere, and holy wow is it pigmented (wayyyy more than I thought it would be, where I learnt the hard way as I didn't swatch first and then ended up with a bright plum cheek with just a slight swish of a brush). I do like a bit of shimmer in my blushes, as it adds a nice glow and this has just the perfect amount that it isn't glitter on your face but is subtle and just enough.

Another thing I like is it blends out so nicely, and works really nicely with the hoola bronzer. This blush will definitely be getting a lot of use over the next few months and I'm so happy with rediscovering it in my collection.

What is your favourite blush for fall?

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