My favourite shades from the Naked 3 Palette!


The naked 3 is my favourite palette from Urban Decay. It is special to me as my boyfriend got it me for our one year anniversary, even though I didn't ask! I love it so much, the colours are perfect and really suit my blue eyes and pale skin. The pink undertones are subtle in some shades but still just add something, and the packaging looks good enough to eat.

Unfortunately I recently was using it and this shade fell out when I opened it, which is a shame because it's never happened to me before, but I definitely will be gluing it back in somehow as I really like to take this palette with me when I travel. So, what are my favourite shades?

Strange from the Naked 3 is like Foxy from the naked 2. It's pale, matte and works really well as a brow bone highlight, but I prefer this shade as it works better than the yellow undertones from Foxy. It's a really great shade when you are tired, as you can pop it over the lid or in the inner corner and it really brightens up the look. I use it regularly as a lid shade for my go to natural look.

Usually with Strange I put Limit in the crease, which isn't too dark but adds definition. It's matte and has a hint of pink to it, which is really nice although can be blended to be darker. Nooner is another shade I love to mix with Limit, and recently I've been wearing Limit on the lid with Nooner in the crease, which creates a wonderful matte look and looks great with blue eyes.

Lastly, for a more dramatic look I really like Factory. It's a dark brown with hints of gold and pink mixed in. It's a gorgeous shade and works really well just on its own, blended out and blended a little underneath the lower lash line, or it can be used in the crease to really add more definition. I've been wearing it a lot on it's own recently and again, it's great for blue eyes.

Yay for awkward hand poses! Apologies that you can't see strange that well, but it just is really light like my skin tone. The colours in this palette are all build able and versatile, and I wouldn't change this palette for the world.

Do you have the Naked 3 Palette? What are your favourite shades?

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