Winter Wishlist 2014


If there's one thing I love about winter, it's the clothing. I hardly ever buy clothes in summer but as soon as it gets colder you'll see me in layers and layers of clothes. I just feel when it comes down to it, in the UK I spend more months wearing them that not, so why not get loads! Here are a few of my favourite picks for this winter.

I love a good snood/scarf and this year is no different. I really like the fur of this and the colour, and it would look so nice against my black coat. 

Kimono's were one of my favourite things to wear this year and I'm so glad they have now turned into capes for winter. There are a lot online at the moment but I really want to try some on and give them a go, it just depends how warm they get!

I don't really care about the practicality of these, they are so effin' cute I can't get over it! I already have gloves that work with my touch screen, but wow I just want these in my life for the adorable factor.

Again, this is just so adorable. I think a Christmas jumper can sometimes be a 'wear once' type thing but little items like this can be worn more often. I just think items like this (not worn all together) make Christmas exciting but still doesn't look too gaudy.

I really like this to chuck over your coat and you can just cuddle up in it on the bus to work to keep you nice and snug. I'm also a huge fan of tartan style items so thats a plus!

This jumper is so pretty! It's perfect for Christmas day, and looks so warm yet not too frumpy like some jumpers can be. I love the colour and it's very flattering for most body shapes aswell.

These are my picks for some items on my winter wishlist, I really like the amount of faux fur this season and think it adds some sophistication in the colder months.

What do you think of these items?

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