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I was recently tagged by the lovely Sarah to do the Top Ten tag, and discuss to you my top ten beauty things! Honestly, I found this quite hard because I don't have that much make up, which sounds crazy as you'd think that'd make it easier, but in some of the categories I only have a couple of things anyway! I'm tempted to this annually as it will probably change. This tag was created by Jessica at 

1. Foundation - Revlon colourstay in Ivory
Revlon colourstay foundation
I chose this foundation mainly for how it matches my skin colour perfectly. It's a brilliant match and even better than my MAC which I was colour matched for, as in photos with the SPF my studio fix can look a little too pale. It lasts all day and blends really nicely with a good medium/full coverage.

2. Powder
I don't actually use powder! I have dry skin and ones I've tried make my face feel cake-y. To set my face (most days I don't) for nights out I use the setting spray by Urban Decay and feel that works better for me than a powder.

3. Concealer - Revlon colourstay in Ivory
revlon colourstay concealer
I use this concealer everyday and have almost ran out. I used to be a fan of the collection one but this just suits my skin a lot better, plus it doesn't crease underneath the eyes like collection one did. It matches my skin well and covers all bags/blemishes, although I usually go for something lighter to also highlight, this is the lightest shade.

4. Blush - Revlon cream blush in Pinched
revlon cream blush pinched
This blush is gorgeous for everyday wear. It's a light pink (picture shows up a little darker) that I put onto my cheeks with my fingers and blend out with a brush. I use this nearly everyday, only swapping for nights out. I think it works so well for me because it's close to my natural blush.

5. Bronzer - Hoola by Benefit
benefit hoola bronzer
Honestly, Hoola isn't my all time favourite bronzer, but I don't have one. I haven't yet found one which is the right shade for me, and sometimes this can look a little too orange on my pale skin. However, I do really like it and with a light hand, it works for me. The only trouble is it's in this massive box, and I'm scared to depot (I don't really know how), but I'm hoping to try the Body shop one soon anyway to take for travelling.

6. Highlighter - That gal by benefit
that gal benefit highlighter
I only have two highlighters, this and Watts Up also by Benefit. I prefer this because it applies better, the colour suits me better and I really like the shimmer. You only need a tiny amount and I only have a sample size, but it's absolutely gorgeous and I think I may have to purchase the full size when this beauty runs out.

7. Mascara - Maybelline smokey eyes
I don't have an all time favourite mascara, but this seems to be my go to. I really like how it separates lashes, the brush is really nice and it just adds a nice look to my lashes. Even though it's not waterproof I don't find it smudges and I just really like it, but I'm a mascara whore and have tried so many.

8. Eyeshadow - Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay
I am so so so happy my boyfriend bought my this. He got it me for our anniversary last year  and I haven't stopped using it. All the colours just work so well together, and you can easily wear each on it's own and it completes a look. The shadows are buttery and I just love every colour in the palette. I'm going to be doing a post on Friday about my favourite shades from this palette, so keep your eyes out for a more in depth look!

9. Brows - BrowDrama by Maybelline
Honestly I don't do much with my brows, as they are quite thick but I'm aiming next year to try more for them. At the minute, I really like this for just a quick go over with them, although the brush is a bit weird, it adds enough colour and just sets them into place without being too done.

10. Lipstick - Ruby Woo & Mauve it Over
My only cheat - and I'm allowing it because I had nothing for powder! ;) I can't pick an all time favourite lipstick because I don't wear the same every day, it's usually either a pink, red or nude. So, for red it has to be Ruby Woo. Yes, it's pretty drying (you can tell by the picture) however it's the ultimate red for me, it's blue toned and just so matte and pretty and words can't describe how happy I am to have this lipstick in my life. It makes me feel badass. For less badass days, I go with Mauve it over by Revlon, which is a nude with a slight pink twist. It's creamy, long lasting and just a really great nude for me. 

This tag was a lot of fun! Thanks Sarah for tagging me, and I don't have anyone specific to tag but if you'd like to do it, leave a comment below with your link and I'll be sure to check it out!

What do you think of these products?

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