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If you are a regular on ASOS then you'll know they currently have a sale on. I needed a present for a friend, however I couldn't just stop there so I decided to buy way more than I needed just because it was sale time. 

I even qualified for free next day delivery, and while the service was amazing I'll definitely be returning some things. Below is what I've bought, what I'll be returning and why.

This is the first thing I'll be returning. I really loved the colour and style, it has a low back and it really suited me, however the collar meant when I stood straight it pulled the crotch up and gave me camel toe. Not a good look.

This looks so pretty on the model and I thought it would be this lovely satin material, however there feels like too much of the satin so it makes my bottom half look huge, and weighs down the whole jumpsuit which isn't great when it's strapless. Also will be returning this, but what a deal though!

Definitely keeping this. It's a little longer on me than on the model, however I love how casual it is with the rolled sleeves. It fits really nice and I know I'll get loads of wear out of it. I also love the back which says 'who you gonna call?'

Again this is another keep. I love how bright the blue & yellow are in real life, plus I don't really have any long sleeve casual tops so this will be a nice change and I can still wear with or without a jumper.

I absolutely love this print however it's absolutely huge on me, I really should have sized down probably 2 sizes and it would fit much better. I definitely bought this for the print however I really like the cold shoulder, but I think the size has just put me off.

Returning as this just doesn't fit on my arms, although I really love the print and style.

I absolutely love these, however my toes don't even show out from the other end of the fur! I'll be returning these to try in person as otherwise I'm absolutely in love with these casual bad boys.

Overall I'm quite happy with what I'm returning and keeping, I'm definitely grateful for free returns from ASOS and I'll probably be back in the next month or two with another little spree.

Whats your favourite item out of this list?

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