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While on holiday in March, LOVE returned for it's second season on Netflix. I was so happy to get back and soothe my jet lag with such a great show. In the first season I think I watched it in about a week, I was crazy hooked whereas this season I slowly dripped myself episodes because I knew that otherwise it would be gone too soon and I've nothing...and I've lasted 3 weeks.

Funnily enough, thats pretty much how the show has gone as well, the first season was about this new relationship, it was exciting and fresh and you just wanted it all straight away, whereas the second season was slower paced, a little more serious yet still as charming and cute as the first season.

I really enjoyed the second season, I loved how we learnt more about Mickey and her background with her different addictions and how she's trying to stay on track but also wants to explore and just hang out with Gus all the time. I enjoyed seeing the cracks appear in relationships and I think it's just a really realistic show which is why I enjoy it so much.

Gillian Jacobs is brilliant as Mickey, who is an asshole at times however you really root for her and want each character to be the best version of themselves.

If you haven't yet watched Love, I would highly recommend. It's produced by Judd Apatow who is my favourite director/producer and if you take nothing from it, you'll at least love Mickey's super cool without trying style. 

Have you watched Love? What did you think? (No spoilers please!)

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