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Recently I took my mum to the Emmerdale Village Tour which I had booked for a Christmas present. My mum is a big fan of the show and although I don't watch it all the time, I've grown up with it so it was for both of us over all.

The tour we booked is the current filming set of the show, this only has the external buildings and sets though as the main indoor sets are in a studio around 10 miles or so from the village. We were picked up on a coach as they don't let you drive there yourself as it's really in the middle of no where. The whole tour is around an hour and goes into detail of the outdoor locations. The staff were really knowledgable and super friendly.

If you are a fan of the show or just TV shows in general I would definitely recommend this. Although it was cold and very windy, it made the whole location seem more realistic. There are some great photo opportunities and it's always interesting to see how everything comes together to create the show.

Whats your favourite TV show?

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