Taboo TV Series | Review (No Spoilers!)


Taboo is a TV series with 8 episodes, created by Tom Hardy & Steven Knight (writer/producer for Peaky Blinders). The show stars Tom Hardy as James Delaney, who returns to London following his fathers death, to build an empire with what's been left to him in his fathers will. This doesn't come easy though as he faces problems from both Britain and America.

I think, like most people I started watching this for Tom Hardy. He's an absolute dream to watch and I've always been a fan of his acting. I stayed however for the mystery, great cast and interesting storyline. James Delaney is a mysterious man who has been residing in Africa for 10 years, there's rumours about his time there and Tom Hardy plays this broken and extreme man brilliantly. The rest of the cast are also fantastic, mainly Jonathan Pryce (High Sparrow in Game of Thrones)

This TV show definitely isn't for everyone. It's gory at times, it's slow to build and takes around 3 episodes to really find out more (due to the interesting characters), however it really lets you settle. There are definitely some scenes where I had to look away as it can get pretty brutal for a 9pm BBC show.

I would recommend this show if you enjoy period pieces with a twist. It's not really like any other show I've watched before, and I'm really hoping for a second season.

Have you seen Taboo? What are your thoughts? (No Spoilers please!)

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