At the beginning of March my partner and I went on holiday to Chicago and New York. Chicago is a place I've always dreamed of visiting, I've always admired the architecture, the music and overall it just looked like a really cool state to visit. I will be doing a more in depth travel guide soon as I'm editing the video footage for it, however I just couldn't wait anymore to show these photos!

If there's one thing that didn't disappoint, it was definitely the architecture. I've always been a bit of a architecture & interior nerd, however I absolutely loved it there. Each building was so thought out and fit beautifully in the city. Along the park was my favourite place, as I loved walking along and seeing the different ages of buildings and what they had been turned into.

I would also definitely recommend Chicago for the people, everyone we met was super friendly and talkative. You could tell people were proud of their state, and it was really nice to see. I'm not a big sports fan however I love the atmosphere that Americans bring when watching their favourite teams.

One of the main things I'd like to say is that I would definitely go in the summer. Even in March, it was absolutely freezing and minus 4 most days. You could tell most people were used to the cold however it was really chilly. Plus, the main fountain and some of the park sculptures were closed as the water would just freeze up, but in the park in summer I imagine it's beautiful especially if you catch an open air show.

There is a video coming in the next few weeks with a lot more information of where we went and what we did, so stay tuned!

Have you ever been Chicago? Whats your favourite part?

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