American Beauty (1999) | FILM REVIEW


Recently I watched American Beauty for the second time. I watched this film a few years ago but had gave it all of my attention so it was nice to rewatch.

If you haven't seen American Beauty, it tells the story of the Burnham family who on the outside look very perfect and happy, however behind closed doors there is much more going on including sexual frustrations, infatuations with school girls and new loves.

If you like slow, tension building films then this is definitely for you. This drama is well paced, brilliantly acted and well directed. Kevin Spacey is Lester Burnham, the main character and he's absolutely brilliant. He plays this role so well and switches perfectly depending on who the scene is with. I really can't imagine anyone else playing this role.

I'd definitely recommend giving this a watch if you haven't before.


Have you seen American Beauty? What did you think? (No spoilers please!)

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