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I don't know about you, but when the warmer weather picks I am all about soft nude and lipsticks with a hint of pink. I feel like it's not a very out there choice, however I just love light neutral make up and then a gorgeous sheen of pink on my lips. Below are my 4 top picks that I always seem to head back to during spring season.

(Order from top to bottom)

Mac Chatterbox - Chatterbox is one of my favourite MAC lipsticks. I absolutely love the pink it gives as it's not too OTT. I sometimes dab this out if I want a more natural pink. It's an amplified texture which means it packs colour and has a gorgeous creamy texture. 

Bourjois Peach on the Beach - I've had this lip crayon for ages, since Zoella recommended it in a video a couple of years back. It gives a gorgeous coral colour when applied and has a glossy finish. I really love this colour and whenever I reach for it I am always impressed. I used to wear this a lot more than I do now however do always go back.

MAC Pink Plaid - For spring days where I want a matte finish, I often go to Mac's Pink Plaid. It's a lovely pink with blue undertones so it suits really nicely on pale skin. I really love the finish, it's still really creamy even though it's matte, and the wear is impressive. Definitely one of the more natural pinks, so it looks great every day.

NARS Never Say Never - I only have three NARs lip pencils, but I absolutely adore them. I think the main reason I don't have more is because I don't have a Space NK near me, so I usually pick one up when I'm in London. The lip pencils are absolutely amazing, they all have really good wear, are super easy to apply, pack great colour and feel creamy and light on the lips. Never say Never is a purple/pink colour, and I wear this if I want a bright pop. If you don't have any of the pencils, I would highly recommend because I've never been disappointed.

Whats your go to lipstick this season?

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