Product Review: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation


Although being on the market for quite some time, I never really bothered looking at Revlon's nearly naked range. I love the Revlon colour stay foundation and was happy with that, and sticking to it. 

However, recently I went in to buy a couple of the matte balms, and the old 3 for 2 was staring me in the face. So I caved, thought why not and got it. I have dry skin, with some redness and freckles. The first time I tried this foundation, I was pleasantly surprised with how light weight it actually is. It's not cakey in the slightest, although I do find it 'rubs off' if you are a little rough with your fingers when holding your face to apply eyeliner for example. When in place, I find it stays on for a few hours (no primer/powder) and doesn't really look like you are wearing anything at all.

The main downside to this foundation, and most of Revlon's foundations is the packaging. Yes, I like the glass bottle and it makes it feel more expensive than it is, however there is never a bloody pump! Colour stay you can sort of get away with as it's thicker, but this foundation is very watery and quick to come out the bottle. If it added a pump I think a lot more people would be inclined to buy this product. 

I would also be careful if you have acne/blemish prone skin as from reading other reviews it has broke some people out. For me it's been fine, although I did get a spot on my chin but I'm not sure if that's just due to stress/diet.

I'd recommend this foundation for anyone who only needs a touch of foundation. For those with no blemishes, it's perfect for you. I think it's a good foundation overall for summer, with an SPF of 20 (although in hotter places use SPF underneath aswell) when you don't really need much foundation but want a little bit of coverage.

Have you tried the Nearly Naked foundation? What do you think?

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  1. I quite like the look of this, I'm looking for something with a bit of a lighter coverage for summer. I was thinking of the Smashbox CC cream but this could be a cheaper alternative for me

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