Dublin: Day 2


This photograph makes me laugh because it completely describes the weather. Day 2 was my birthday, and to celebrate we went to Howth which is a seaside town close to Dublin, which you can access on the DART train. 

Howth is a small town on the sea, with two piers, a lighthouse and lots of different fish restaurants. You can also get a boat to Ireland's eye, which is home to lots of different birds including puffins, however we missed the boat and then the weather got so windy we didn't really want too. If you are lucky you'll also see some seals however we didn't.

Instead we walked around the piers and up to the lighthouse, which was lovely but so windy! We then had a bite to eat and went on the little train tour which took us up to the castle, which is still in use today. If you were to go to Howth I would recommend some good walking shoes and taking one of the three looped walks. This way you can get some fantastic views and look at the cliffs aswell.

We came back to Dublin late afternoon, and my boyfriend ran me a bath using the Dragon egg bath bomb from Lush, which I unfortunately didn't get pictures of but it's a great bomb, it turns the bath a golden shimmery colour and there is popping candy inside so it sounds like a fire!

We then had dinner at The Blackboard Bistro, which was amazingly delicious. I really enjoyed the dessert, which was belgium dark chocolate over a poached pear tart. It was melt in the mouth delicious!

Overall I had a really nice birthday and although it was a little strange being away from my mum, who I've always seen on my birthday I really enjoyed it and had a fantastic day.

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