Dublin: Day 4


If you read Friday's post from Day 3, you will know that we didn't do the jail and decided to wait. Well we went bright and early on our last day and were able to walk straight through for the guided tour.

Kilmainham Gaol is situated a little out of the Dublin city centre, and was prison for many of the political leaders during Ireland's revolution. The prison closed in 1924, years later refurbishment began and now it is viewable with guided tours. 

The tour was about an hour long and very interesting and in depth. You can tell the tour guides are passionate about the history, which makes it better for the viewers aswell. The picture above is in the main, newer part of the prison and has been in movies such as The Italian Job. 

After we went to a pub because it was starting to rain and then were stuck in there for about an hour, before going to the Museum of modern art. We came out of the MOMA after a short while, mainly because it wasn't very good. (There was art made out of cow dung, however it was just splattered on the wall). 

Later we did a bit of window shopping before going to a couple of pubs, including Temple Bar which most say is a tourist trap, but it's actually really cool inside. They have about 3 bars in the building, each filled with bottles of different spirits. They also have a menu with 100 sandwiches! However, after both looking my boyfriend and I both wanted the same without even realising! 

We also decided (I forced my boyfriend) to try oysters as we had never tried them before and Temple Bar served just 2, as we didn't want to go overboard. They were actually quite nice and not what I thought they were going to be like! 

We then made our way back to the hotel as we needed an early night for our flight which brought the end to our Dublin trip.

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