Dublin: Day 1


For my 20th birthday my boyfriend and I went to Dublin for a long weekend. We had never been to Ireland before, both were interested in the city and basically just wanted a small getaway! 

We had a really early flight (6:30am) but got into Dublin at half 7. With a full day ahead of us, and luckily being able to check in early we dropped out stuff off and headed out into the city.  The great thing about Dublin is everything is quite close together. You can easily walk to lots of destinations (however be careful, cars and cyclists drive crazy sometimes!) and just get a bus to places a little further out. 

The first place we went was the Natural History Museum, which is home to hundreds of different animals and insects, which have been well kept in jars, and taxidermied. It was interesting to look around but some of the exhibitions were creepy, such as the tiny little bugs!
We then went to Stephen's Green after a bite to lunch, which is a small park in the city. It's gorgeous and has a small pond/river running through so there were lots of ducks. I can definitely see it being a lovely place when the sun is shining too! 
By this point in the day we were pretty tired, so we walked back to the hotel, stopping for a pint in each pub we saw, which started off well but then we had to miss a few as there was so many!

Have you ever been to Dublin?

Come back Wednesday for Day 2!

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