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Well would you look at that, all it takes is a woman to sky rocket DC's approval ratings. This is something I've seen every now and again when looking at reviews for Wonder Woman. This movie wasn't highly anticipated because most people were not happy with DC and their franchise at the moment. Suicide squad was slammed, Batman vs superman was ugly and honestly no one really gave a damn about Superman in general, because he's one of the most boring superheroes.

There's a big thing about DC and Marvel, because at the moment DC wants to be marvel (especially seen in Suicide squad), they want to be funny, relevant and cool. Marvel films do that effortlessly and DC is like the try hard which was starting to get embarrassing. This is why wonder woman is being claimed as 'saving DC' and finally bringing DC back.

Honestly Wonder Woman is an alright movie. It's nothing amazing, however because it's better than some of the movies the DC franchise has brought out in recent years, it's making this movie look and sound a lot better than it is. It's currently at 93% on rotten tomatoes which has shocked many.

I think they played some of the movie really well, and other parts were really poor. If you go to watch it one thing you'll notice is the slow motion editing they use. It's a really cool effect, however it get so overused multiple times in every action scene that when it could be a really powerful moment to use it, it's taken down a few notches because you've already seen that effect 20 times in the past 10 minutes.

If you are interested in the superhero theme and franchise, this film is a good one to watch. It's one of the best films out in the cinema at the moment, but I wouldn't run to the screen to go and watch it this very second. Also, I watched this in 3D which was cool with the slow mo and some of the effects, however again you really don't notice the 3D that much towards the middle of the film so it doesn't add anything for me.

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Have you seen Wonder Woman? What did you think? (No spoilers please!)

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