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One of my favourite TV shows was back on Netflix for it's 5th season and this time did I finally spread out the episodes and not binge? Of course I didn't because I have no self control, and Netflix seems to have started doing 5 seconds until the next episode which is no time at all.

Season 5 of Orange is the new black follows directly on from the finale of season 4 which ended on a huge cliff hanger. Following on from season 4's stories, the prison breaks into a full on riot and the whole season is set over 3 days. I think this is one of the reasons I watched it so quickly, because you are so immersed in the atmosphere and story that it's hard to come away from it.

I really enjoyed this season, however I didn't enjoy the pacing of the episodes. It's hard to film a whole season set in 3 days especially with so many characters, storylines, trying to develop new storylines and include flashbacks. I think they pulled it off towards the beginning however by the end I didn't really like the pacing. 

That's really my main negative, I still love the characters and some of that love has grew immensely. I thought the acting was brilliant, especially by Danielle Brooks who plays Taystee. She really makes the show and is an absolute joy to watch on screen even during sad and heartbreaking moments.

If you are new to Orange is the new Black then I don't think coming in to watch season 5 is the way to go, I do recommend the whole show and it's amazing how things have changed from season 1. I would recommend starting from the beginning to really get the atmosphere. You can also read my season 4 review if you are still unsure if its for you.

What did you think to season 5 of Orange is the new black? Let me know! (No spoilers please!)

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