Summer 2017 Bucket List | LIFESTYLE


Last year I wrote 10 things I wanted to achieve last summer. I enjoyed writing that post as it made me want to get out and tick the things off my list. I probably did about half of those things, so I decided to give it another go and here are 10 more things I'd like to do this summer.

1. Eat an amazing antipasti board outside one evening.

2. Go on a day out to the sea side.

3. Spend an afternoon at the park with friends.

4. Use these long evenings to take some blog/outfit photos.

5. Properly tame my hamster.

6. Lose some weight ready for my holiday.

7. Go on more walks and explore my city a bit more.

8. Post some salad or other healthy food posts.

9. Properly sun bathe in the garden.

10. Find that perfect summer lipstick.

Have you got a list of things you'd like to achieve over the summer?

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