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I'm really very lucky when it comes to my skin. I rarely get spots apart from around the time of the month, and usually it's one massive one on my chin. As I'm not used to spots, I don't have many products designed for clearing things up. Here are 3 things I do when I get one, and you can probably find them around your house.

The first step when I get a spot is using a tea bag on it. The twinings is just for show and any tea bag will do, but rinse it under hot water (you can boil it for your normal tea however make sure it's cooled down to warm), then stick it on your spot for 5-10 minutes. You will notice the spot has drastically reduced in this time and if you repeat this twice a day, the spot should heal quicker.

For an overnight remedy, I love a bit of sudocrem. I've mentioned this before about how it's such a great treatment for loads of little things, however I pop a bit of sudocrem over the spot, go to bed and in the morning it's a lot smaller in size and usually dried up as well. If you do this in the day you'll end up with the white residue, so I'd definitely say this is a overnight treatment.

The final step is to make sure you have a cleanser for whenever you are about to do your make up. I've been using this witch clearing serum which helps under make up, and I know that the skin is fully cleansed so you aren't adding more germs when putting on make up. You can use whatever works for you, tea tree oil is really useful but it's whatever works for your skin.

What do you use for your spots?

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