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Recently Channel 4 finished their 4 part drama series called Born to Kill, which follows teenager Sam as he learns about his fathers history, and the viewers learn more about his physiological ways.

If you are into dramas with a dark theme, this one is definitely for you. The episodes are an hour each however feel so much longer because of the twists and turns that it takes you through. I've never felt so uncomfortable yet engaged in a TV series for a long time, which is a really good thing because it makes for a great series.

I think the guy who played Sam (Jack Rowan) was brilliant, because he is relatively new at acting and this his first main role it really makes it more believable. Romola Garai who plays Sam's mum Jenny is also fantastic at keeping everything together while trying to work out whats going on.

I'm glad this is a mini series because it felt like each episode had enough depth. I think they could have got away with a bigger ending, or at least not showed any flashbacks so it's not quite as in your face, however thats my own main complaint. I thought this show was great, but it definitely feels more like a winter show where you can get the room really dark and just focus on the screen.

Born to Kill is available on Channel 4's on demand service for you to watch.

Did you watch Born to Kill? What did you think? No spoilers please!

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