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When it comes to skincare, I've definitely expanded my selection. I used to never really get into skincare growing up, as luckily I never really had any break outs, however since I've been wearing make up more often and growing into my twenties a few years ago I decided I needed to get more of a routine going. 

It's definitely still a pretty basic and lazy guide, however it definitely works for me.


Usually I take my make up off the night before, however I still sometimes get mascara under eyes that didn't fully come off. I use the johnson's wipes for these, which are wonderful for sensitive skin and I've been using these for at least 5 years. Next I go over my face with the pixi glow tonic on a cotton pad. I've only been using this for about 3 weeks but it's a wonderful product. It's a really gentle exfoliating toner and afterwards my skin feels soft and looks brighter.

At the moment I'm using The Body Shop vitamin C moisturiser, which is pretty good however I've got the Keihl's one waiting to go which I'm looking forward too. The vitamin C moisturiser does make my skin feel soft and looks bright, however it doesn't do much for my dry skin which is why I won't be going back straight away. To finish, I apply a small amount of the origins gin zing eye cream around my eyes. I tend to rub this in between both my ring fingers and gently press underneath my eyes, then over the lids/brows with any excess. I really like this product and feel like it definitely helps me look more fresh and awake.


Usually in the evenings I am really tired and want to jump straight into bed, so there's really not much of a routine here. I take my make up off with the Garnier cleansing water, which is an amazing, affordable make up remover which is gentle to the skin and eyes. After that, I apply this vitamin E serum in oil over my skin, usually I pop a drop on each cheek, my nose and forehead and press into the skin with my hands, pressing any excess onto my chin and neck. This does make my skin feel really smooth and I really like it. 

To finish off I use the vitamin E overnight cream, which is quite a thick cream so you really don't need too much. I like how thick it is because it feels really soft on your skin and it's easy to sleep in with no mess on the pillows. I would like to try a few different night creams after this one is used up, as it's for all skin types and I'd like one more for dry skin.


I also like to do a mask once a week, just to free my skin at the end of the week and it makes me feel good. Currently I've been using the carbonated bubble clay mask, which you've probably seen as it's the one that bubbles up so you look like the moon emoji. I was a little sceptical of this product however I really like it, I like the sensation of the bubbling and it makes my skin feel really soft afterwards. It is quite hard to get in the UK, I got it from wowcher however it's also on eBay.

If I don't have time for a proper mask with the washing off and everything after, I like to use this Garnier tissue mask which is really hydrating and feels really cold and nice on the skin. It's little mess as it's a sheet mask and usually I rub in anything thats left so it really sinks into the skin.

And thats it! It really doesn't take me long for this routine and it's working for me at the minute, I am hoping to try more skincare out though however I also am a firm believer in if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Whats your current favourite skincare product?

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