The Small Miracle: Bio-Oil Review*


Let me begin with telling you an awkward story about me. While in my last year of primary school, I got my boobs at once. As far as I remember, they just were there and I absolutely hated it. Bras were uncomfortable and the tiny one's for when you are first beginning weren't cutting it for me. It was annoying when running around and playing, and not that I was hugely bothered because no one was seeing them, but I developed small stretch marks a couple of years later as my body grew with them.

I didn't like it when I wore dresses and felt uncomfortable in my skin. Then, one day my mum brought home a small bottle with a pink type liquid in. I used it in the morning and at night and slowly my stretch marks faded away and I was really happy.

Fast forward to now, I'm a little overweight, and two years ago I used to be fine. Obviously, with that weight gain I've once again developed stretch marks. I wear tights a lot in summer, I don't like shorts and feel unsexy when I'm out on a night out and wearing a cardigan. I've recently been sent a bottle of bio-oil and it has definitely rekindled my love for this miracle liquid.

Bio-oil is non greasy, absorbs into the skin quickly and helps for stretch marks and scars. However, little did I know it has even more uses than that aswell! Bio-oil is great at refreshing tired eyes, and my skin is sensitive and dry so the skin around my eyes can often feel tight, dull and tired. When I know I haven't had enough sleep, I've been putting just a dab underneath each and and patting it in. It feels great on my skin (not sure what it would be like for oily skin) and my eyes looked more awake even when my mind wasn't.

Often I forget to take my make up off and end up taking it off with a wipe, but near the end of last year I had begun taking my make up off properly, some nights I used bio-oil when I had more of a full face and it definitely helped to get all of the foundation off and breaks other make up down really nicely. I then finish with a cleanser and evening moisturise and my skin feels great after long days.

While I haven't been using it every day on my face, I have been using it on my legs for stretch marks and am starting to notice a small difference. Obviously it's not going to go away without added exercise and a good meal plan, but it's helping me and it's making me feel a little more body positive about myself each time I use it.

You can find bio-oil online here. (£8.99)

What's some of your beauty miracles?

*I was sent this product however have been a fan of bio-oil all my life, opinions are my own.

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