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Last night I saw my first film of 2015 which was Birdman, starring an array of actors including Michael Keaton, Edward Norton and Emma Stone.

Years after finishing the superhero series Birdman, actor Riggan Thompson has written, directed and starring in his own play, while we see the behind the scenes of his life aswell.

Probably not a blockbuster to many, Birdman is an incredible film. The techniques that have gone into the film really show at the end product. The edit is made to look like one continuous shot and it really works as it makes everything more fast paced, and really keeps you interested. 

Probably one of the strongest points of the film is the acting, which is amazing from all rounds especially Michael Keaton who displays so much emotion and has so much to work with with each actor he is on screen with and it's really nice to see. 

Overall I really enjoyed this film and would highly recommend it, especially if you are a fan of Oscar films as this is 100% certain to be nominated for at least best picture and cinematography. It won't be a film for everyone for film buffs will really enjoy. 

Have you seen Birdman? What do you think? 


P.s. Apologies for the amount of movie reviews coming up, there is just sooooo much that I want to see! 


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