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So I like my sleep. I am a night owl and go to bed late and like to snooze about 20 times before begrudgingly getting up in the mornings. This can often make me in a rush to do my make up, and in times like those it's all down to a simple eye. 

Recently I've been loving just using the shade Nooner from the Naked 3 palette all over the lid, a little blending around the edges, liner and bang, job's done. It's a darkish pink shade and really suits my pale skin and blue eyes. I think it's a wonderful shade and probably my most used out of the Naked 3 palette.


I think it's brilliant for one swish of colour and gives me extra time to concentrate on the more challenging parts of my war paint which is eyeliner.

To complete the look I've been absolutely loving Diva by MAC. I bought it just before Christmas so I can wear it throughout winter and wow it's so dark and makes me feel like such a badass when I wear it. I absolutely love lipstick that changes your mood and a full review of this lipstick is coming Wednesday.

Whats your go to eye shadow?

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