Jessica Chastain Golden Globes 2015 inspired look


Last week was the Golden Globes and the kick start of awards season. When I was searching through the dresses for my best dressed list here I found myself slightly mesmerised by Jessica Chastain and her gorgeous golden make up. I decided to take inspiration from it and try to recreate it.

First I primed my eyelid with Urban decay's primer potion and blended a bit of habit from the Vice 2 palette through the crease to help blending later on. For this step you can use anything close to your natural skin colour as you don't want to add colour on just yet.

Jessica's dress and make up included gold and I loved the co-ordination. Here I used half baked from the Naked palette all over my lid. I chose half baked as it's a gorgeous true yellow gold with the perfect amount of pigmentation and shimmer. I dabbed the colour onto my lid instead of wiping the brush, this way you get more colour pay off and less fall out.

This looks like a massive jump in process, I promise you it's not! I just didn't want to fill the post with pictures too much. After I added half baked on the lid, I also applied it to the inner third of my lower lash line. One way Jessica's look is quite soft for a smokey eye is that it's not a full on black used. I used the colour "Smokeout" from the Vice 2 palette, which is a dark grey colour. 

Black is quite hard to work with especially if you aren't used to blending, so I'd recommend using a dark brown or a grey like I did and slowly adding more of that until it's dark enough for your liking. To create the wing effect I held a tissue near my eye at an angle, mainly to prevent fall out but it also helps keep the eyes looking even and it's a lot more defined without having to mess about after. 

After a lot of blending, I also added smoke out to the outer third of my lower lashline and joined it up with the outer V. If your look is looking a little too dark, go back in with half baked and blend it over the top to soften it. Jessica's look is winged out more than mine however I was later heading to work so didn't go extreme with it.

Here is my finished look. I added mascara however Jessica wore fake lashes, but as I said mine is more daytime. To keep it simple and glossy on the lips like Jessica, I added Naked lipgloss from Urban Decay in the shade "walk of shame". It's a slightly brown colour but I really love those glosses. 

What do you think of this look?

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