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In a perfect world I would wake up each morning, get ready for the day and sit at my big vanity and open out my drawers, fingers touching over various Tom Ford, Laura Mercier and Charlotte Tilbury palettes to use before looking through my big collection of MAC lipsticks each in their own little pot and colour co-ordinated.

Unfortuantely, I live in a world where I don't have the money or space at the moment to have any of those these. However, a lady can dream and these are some of the things I am saving up to get to neatly hold my growing make up collection.

On the top left is the ever popular Muji drawers (£7.95) which I've had my eyes on for ages yet never made the purchase because I instead spend my money on the things that should be going inside of the drawers and not on the drawers itself! In this I would hold foundations and concealers, mainly because it's easy to clean and it's what I use first.

Top right is what would be the 'showstopper' of the wishlist, is where I'd hold all my make up. This lipstick holder is great because you can organise them into different colours on different rows and upside down so you can look at the names easily. This is something I definitely do want and need as I am quite routine with what lipsticks I go to and this would help me pick different ones.

Finally of course, you need somewhere to house all these gems and I've gone obvious and from Ikea. Bottom left is every youtuber's favourite the Malm (£95) which is narrow yet big enough to store lots of make up and the glass top means it's easy to clean. I also really love the look of Alex (£120) which isn't for make up storage but I don't have the space for just one for make up, and would need to keep some space free for a desk area. 

Hopefully within the next few months I'll be able to get these and start displaying my collection better. Add some little vases for make up brushes and I'm set!

Whats your make up storage like?

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